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The Hills Church meets at the Upper Saint Clair High School in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. See map below for directions.

10:00 AM

  • Contemporary worship service
  • Engaging message
  • Staffed nursery
  • Activities for children of all ages

We need time and a place to gather for encouragement and renewal, to start the week with energy and purpose. Our weekly gathering is designed to refresh through music, practical biblical teaching, prayer, and communion.

We are more concerned with equipping you to live a purposeful life than with what you wear, so dress casually and you’ll fit right in. Feel free to grab some coffee and hang out!


Since the dawn of the church, families have worshiped together and grown together in their faith. It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that the church began to separate children according to age group from their family units in pursuit of teaching that was “relevant” to their young minds. At about the same time, the Christian family unit experienced seismic shifts. The divorce rate climbed. Parents became less and less involved in their children’s lives. As children matured into young adults a significant portion began to reject the faith of their parents. Before long many churches began to look around their community and wondered why society had less interest in what they offered.

It is our conviction that one of the major reasons for the crumbling Christian family unit can be traced back to the church’s unintended replacement of family responsibilities. While it once was the responsibility of mom’s and dad’s to share the faith in ways understandable to their children, the church took on this role with whatever form of entertainment was popular at the time. While it once was the responsibility of mom’s and dad’s to demonstrate lives of faithfulness, worship, grace, love, and truth, the church took on this role by hiring “trained professionals” who could do it for them.

Though the church’s intentions to make disciples of young people was pure, its unintended consequences have been devastating. At The Hills Church we are striving to reinstate the value of the Christian family unit by doing things differently. We proudly offer a staffed and quality nursery area for children under the age of four, but children five and older will enjoy our hour long worship service with their families. For those who may be concerned that their child won’t be able to stay engaged. We completely understand, but we invite you to consider your children’s capability of staying engaged in school for eight hours every Monday through Friday. Realizing that children are often more inclined to listen while their hands are busy, we offer an engaging “Family Center” in our worship space where you’ll find age appropriate toys and activities. Unlike some religious environments, we don’t mind when children make noise in our worship services; in fact, like Jesus, we appreciate the sounds of children in our midst.

To be sure, we don’t expect parents to have all the answers or to lead perfect lives. We simply invite you to grow in Christ together with your family, rather than adding to the reasons we often grow apart.